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Idenfication of parts and usage​


You can check the connection and disconnection

of the banana thermometer.


Bluetooth / Power OFF

Press when you want to turn off the thermometer.


Power ON

Press when you want to turn on the thermometer.



The sensor that measures underarm body temperature

Connect via Bluetooth

1. Turn Bluetooth on your mobile.


2. Click the Banana & Magnifying glass icon

    at the top of the App.


3. There is a gray sticker on the box.

    Please find the number on the sticker

    next to S N in the list.


4. Enter the 6 digits on the sticker's PIN.

제목 없음-1.png
제목 없음-3.png
제목 없음-2.png
제목 없음-4.png

Measure temperature properly


1. Peel off the film, making sure the hydrogel does not also peel off. The film is also required for storage. Please do not throw it away.


2. Wipe any moisturizing cream or sweat off the armpit to make it soft and dry.


3. Attach the sensor of the banana thermometer to the exact center of the armpit.


4. Accurate body temperature measurement takes 3 to 5 minutes. Please lower your baby’s arm and wait.

​Turn off the banana thermometer

7-1. 교체완성2.png

To prevent accidental switch-off by children in their sleep,

the banana thermometer is designed to not switch off easily.


If you want to switch off the thermometer, press the OFF button for 7 seconds. When the thermometer has been completely switched off,

the LED will be unresponsive to any further presses of the OFF button.

7-1. 교체완성.png

Reattach the film to the adhesive area and

store the banana thermometer in its box.


There is a difference in temperature from the thermometer I used.

There could be some differences in temperature depending on the measuring place and user's age.


The Bluetooth connection is often disconnected.

  Even though the Bluetooth communication has the 10m-wireless range in the space without obstacles, the connection range could be reduced with the influence of physical obstacles such as wall or door, or the interference with body or other electronic devices.

  In case of problems with the Bluetooth connection, check the distance between smartphone and thermometer, and the matter of obstacles. Once the obstacle is removed or it is moved in the communicable range, the thermometer and smartphone are automatically reconnected.

  In the IOS use environment, the App could be changed to the waiting mode when practicing the calling & music-playing program. Check the FEMON App and re-practice it.

Hydrogel become dirty. 

•  Wash it with water and dry it in a cool place.

•  If it is dirty even with water, purchase a Hydrogel Refill Kit from the banana thermometer mall and replace it.


Fever + Mornitoring

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