A smart way to monitor your baby’s fever

Banana Thermometer

Real-time temperature reading

Sleep better at night

It under your child’s arm to begin monitoring temperature in real time.

Be alerted immediately

when temperature reaches set levels.

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Easy on the skin

Carefully engineered for you and your child

Flexible and lightweight foam

for maximum comfort Skin-friendly hydrogel adhesive

Temperature graph

Ease your worries

We know you worry that your child's fever might worsen.

Using graphs and notifications, we can help you quickly notice any changes in your baby’s temperature.

24/7 temperature monitoring

Gain a much-needed sense of calm

in your hectic childcare routine

with our real-time temperature readings and graphs.

High/low temperature alerts

Don't miss sudden onsets of fever and hypothermia. We'll send you mobile alerts as soon as they happen.

Bluetooth connection

Check your baby’s temperature even more easily.

Waterproof (IPX7)

Banana Thermometer works flawlessly,

even in the presence of underarm sweat.

Convenient built-in battery

For up to 10 days of continuous use.

No need to worry about constantly charging

or replacing your battery.

Temperature sharing

Check your baby’s temperature from far away

using the temperature sharing feature.

Your first time using a patch type thermometer?

​It’s simple and easy to use.

Turn on the thermometer

Connect to mobile with bluetooth

Attach it under arm!

FEMON KIDS Solutions

Teacher can manage children temperature easily.

Children temperature can be managed at once.

How to manage the temperature at kindergarten

Attach the Banana

thermometer to children

Register student who need to temperature care

Touch the 'Check' button.

Register many children and

manage the temperature at once.

Temperature Sharing

How to share the temperature

You can check your child's temperature at work.

Share your baby’s temperature easily with concerned grandparents.

Input the code you received and

touch the 'Share Inbound'.

Now, check temperature from afar.

Send the code to people who want to know baby temperature

Touch the

‘Share outbound'



FEMON provides healthcare solutions for a healthier life through monitoring temperature changes. Wherever temperature monitoring is needed, FEMON will be there.



 First product
Banana Thermometer Launched

What’s next?

​Check the baby

temperature at work

Temperature ​Sharing

More powerful

monitoring service

Thermo Rabbit

Premium Thermometer

Thermo Rabbit

I'll monitor your temperature with my big ears

and let you know as soon as I sense a fever.

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